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لشراء كتابي نسخة الكترونية باللغة العربية 

Thanks to God, for writing and distributing the fourth edition 2021 has been completed

After a huge success with prior editions in the Middle East in the first edition of 2018 until now~

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In the name of of Allah the Merciful

This is a comprehensive book on bioenergy sciences. Its easy and brief statement for each member of society is suitable for the young, the old, the specialist and the novice, so that everyone can benefit from it.

In it, the techniques of holistic therapy with bio-energy were combined, which any person must know, regardless of his field of education or field of work.

I called it 7 techniques for bioenergetic therapy, and God ask that this work be acceptable and beneficial to the rest of humanity.

Indexed book topics

The concept of meditation, its types and methods of application -

Schools of bioenergetic therapy and methods of treatment

A detailed explanation of the paths, chakras, crescent, methods of diagnosis and treatment

Learn reflexology and Sujok Reflexology Pharaonic, Indian, Chinese and Korean medicine -

Learn the Fangshui Healing Technique, the energy of the home and place, and the expulsion of evil entities - Learn to heal with bee products -

Learn the treatment technique with the intellectual field programmer and psychological freedom -

Learn the technique of gem and crystal therapy -

Learn cupping -

Learn Chinese needles -

Learn Pranayama and Respiratory Therapy -

Learn Aromatherapy -

Learn about wave frequency therapy with the Holy Quran -

Learn the musician's vibrational frequency therapy -

And more

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